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EV-SYS: building electric mobility by EV powertrain integration

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Building your electric mobility by EV-SYS Integrated Testing
In an automotive industry strongly oriented towards new technologies for maximum electric range, reduction of CO2 and fuel consumption, a fundamental element is the EV Powertrain (electrified engine) whether it is EV-Electric Vehicle or HV- Hybrid EV
EV-SYS Integrated Testing
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EV-SYS Integrated Systems
CustoM 2.0, inspired by the vision of an engineering that GUIDES the energy transition, offers EV-SYS Integrated Testing an ecosystem for EV powertrain integration that allows you to create electric mobility starting from models, integrating components, building prototypes, verifying performance.
CustoM 2.0, with its skills acquired in this area and also thanks to the joint venture with the Department of Automatics and Information Technology (DAUIN) of the Politecnico di Torino, offers a wide set of services and solutions for the EV powertrain:
EVsys Testing Benches
Supply of turnkey test benches to test individual components and / or the integration of EV powertrain components, for example Battery Emulator JBoxX or EVSE Test Bench
EVsys Service
Testing services for the integration of components (electric motor, inverter, battery pack, charger, VMU, cooling system, etc.) through its TEV2021 testing facilities
EVsys Consulting
Consulting in the development of EV powertrain, including support in the generation of software code for the VMU

The EV-SYS approach of CustoM 2.0 is based on the eV-CYCLE in accordance with the preparatory methodology for the certification of automotive products, a complete process characterized by the solid simulation and analysis methodology that has always distinguished CustoM 2.0.

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TEV2021 Testing Electric Vehicle
EV-SYS Service

EV-SYStems Integration is the perfect cost-effective solution for prototyping and testing
in a short time and in real conditions and when it is necessary to verify the integration of some of the following

TEV2021 Testing Electric Vehicle
TEV2021 Facility di Testing CustoM 2.0

The testing facility for Electric-Vehicles will allow CustoM 2.0 to also provide a service for the management of the “testing” of “electric vehicles” to Companies currently involved in the transition process of the automotive market towards vehicle electrification.

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Make with us your electric mobility

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