(Italiano) PEV2020 è una delle Soluzioni di Power Management proposte da CustoM 2.0 utilizzato nella distribuzione di potenza su batterie, motori e inverter di veicoli a trazione elettrica.

PEV2020 is a Power Management device used for power distribution on devices installed on electric traction vehicles.
The modular rack frames allow having different compositions of powers and the number of delivery channels to set up the number of power supplies and the number of distribution racks.
Each distribution channel is capable of switching power up to a maximum of 1000 Ampere, 1000 Volt. The currents and voltages are measured at the connection endpoint and made available to centralized control systems.
The distribution modules are pairs of power channels housed inside 3U subracks.
Each subrack is certified in terms of thermal dissipation, power interruption, and safety.

Devices that use PEV2020:

  • Batteries
  • Engines
  • Inverter

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