CustoMzone means CustoM 2.0’s journal. Its goal is to share the company’s activities and purpose with our team.
In this issue, we talk about Quality control and Customer service.

CustoMzone means CustoM 2.0’s journal and it is…

It is our magazine to share the company’s activities. In this issue, we talk about Quality control and Customer service.
Hoping therefore to please, we wish you good reading!

CustoM 2.0, with Brain Technologies and Politecnico di Torino, presented the proposal for the “EVERGRIN” project

EVERGRIN project CustoM 2.0

In a historical period of technological progress, R&D initiatives and projects stand out in the world of Electrification Automotive. CustoM 2.0 with Brain Technologies and Politecnico di Torino, presented a proposal for an innovative project.
The acronym EVERGRIN means – Device for Electric Vehicle ERGonomic for RINnovamento (renovation) and Revamping of exsiting vehicle with traditional engine.
The project proposal is developing a VMU (Vehicle Management Unit) to permit a transformation of traditional propulsion motor in an electric vehicle.

CustoM 2.0’s AOI-C for more efficient quality control and product non-compliance verification

CustoM 2.0's AOI-C

The CustoM 2.0’s Testing Business Unit implemented Automatic Optical Inspection-Collaborative (AOI-C) system to carry out quality control and verification of non-compliance on the product. It is a system able to read with a single sensor the Part Number and check the non-compliance, resulting in a reduction of the time in the performance of the actions and acting safely in the presence of operators.

This system is composed by ASSISTA®, COBOT (COllaborative RoBOT) by Mitsubishi Electric and an Advanced Vision System

Our goal is not to leave the Customer alone

The CustoM 2.0’s ‘Service’ Business Unit has the purpose of following the customer after the delivery of a system/product. Giving continuity to production activities, following the rapid technological evolution of our times, responding to emerging operational needs, satisfying adequate return on investment times produce the need to ensure an adequate Life Cycle of the system/product and its functionality over time.

We carry out the ‘Service’ activity with dedication, defining SLA (Service Level Agreement) and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) with our Customers through which to measure the Quality of the service.

CustoM 2.0’s products/systems are born on the day of release. From that day we are ready and organized to follow its growth!

Data di pubblicazione: 21/12/2020