In this issue, we talk about CustoM’s testing facility for Electric-Vehicles, Test Benches and Cells Revamping, Bearing test benches

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It is our magazine to share the company’s activities. In this issue, we talk about Facilities Electric-Vehicles Testing, Revamping solutions, Bearing Bench.
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The new CustoM’s testing facility for Electric-Vehicles TEV2021

CustoM 2.0 carries on with the electrification innovation process

The testing facility for Electric-Vehicles TEV2021 will allow CustoM 2.0 to also provide a service for the management of the “testing” of “electric vehicles” to Companies currently involved in the transition process of the automotive market towards vehicle electrification, be they car-makers or component manufacturers.

The TEV2021 test cell, set up inside a 20-foot container module completely adapted to the purpose with an adjoining Control Room, will have mainly 2 uses:

  • Carry out the pre-testing of the test benches on electrification components designed and manufactured by CustoM 2.0
  • Carry out tests on behalf of third parties on electrification components such as electric motors, inverters, battery packs and VMU.

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Test Benches and Cells Revamping

Soluzioni di revamping CustoM 2.0

The knowledge of CustoM 2.0 in systems revamping in recent months has grown considerably through the study, design, and implementation of revamping solutions for Test benches and test cells.
This solution allows our customers to take advantage of existing test facilities and/or infrastructures, updating only the elements necessary to adapt them from a technological and regulatory point of view.

The intervention of CustoM 2.0 can therefore be more or less invasive depending on the specific needs of the customer and aims to ensure the reuse of the bench or test room by limiting the economic and operational impact.

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Bearing test benches

Banco Test universale Cuscinetti

One of the most popular applications of CustoM 2.0 in the Testing & Innovation sector is the bearing test benches.
We can divide these banks into two macro-categories:

Test carried out directly on the bearing component:  in this case axial and/or radial loads are normally applied and measurements of temperatures, speeds, loads, and vibrations are carried out. The bench is equipped, depending on the customer’s needs, with mechanical fixtures to be able to test multiple products, a rotation of the component in direct-drive “or by a belt drive and a wider set of customizations

Bearing test on electrospindles: on these benches the test is carried out on bearings inserted directly inside electrospindles in use on the market and typically mounts components such as Inverter, Chiller, Thermo-heater, Nebulizer for lubrication (…). Also, in this case, temperature, vibration and speed measurements are carried out.

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Data di pubblicazione: 13/04/2022