EV-SYS integrated testing. Containerized solution for EV Powertrain integration testing

(Italiano) La soluzione containerizzata EV-SYS offre EV Powertrain testing con l’integrazione dei componenti necessari in una “sala prove portatile”.

EV Powertrain testing

CustoM 2.0 will take part for the first time at E-TECH EUROPE.

For 35 years, with passion, we have been exploring the areas of technological innovation, helping our customers face the challenges of the market.

CustoM 2.0 designs and produces different types of benches, both for R&D and End of Line, for all the components of an ePowertrain: Batteries, Inverters, eMotors, Chargers, PDUs, Converters and more. The aim is to support our customers from the design and development of the components, through the integration of the ePowertrain to the disposal of the batteries with recovery of the raw materials.

EV-SYS Integrated Testing is our solution for the test of the whole ePowertrain, from Battery to eMotor drive shaft, including vehicle management logic.

CustoM 2.0 has implemented the concept of Digital Triplets as an evolution of Digital Twins adding an integrated testing bench to the virtual prototype and the real product.

EV-SYS Integrated Testing is a portable and self-contained solution which does not need any dedicated infrastructures in terms of safety and utilities except for the electrical power supply and the data connection.

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