The organization of Custom 2.0 includes the presence of business units to support your business diversified into three divisions:


Software Design and Development, Development of the system “BusSolA”, Web Management Area, Systems Engineering, Outsourcing


Design and implementation of hardware and software systems for process control, Inspection, characterization and testing, Production of Financial Security Systems, complete solutions for Testing


Services and Support (remotely or at the Customer)

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Custom 2.0 wants to ensure its customers the highest quality through the control of its production process.

The activities of delivery of "turnkey" testing benches and the ones on manufacturing components are produced in the laboratories located in our structure.
In particular we realize internally the following steps:

  • assembling
  • mounting
  • wiring
  • testing
  • prototyping

of all mechanical, electrical and electronic components.


CustoM 2.0 has built a network of high-level technological collaborations proposing itself as a partner and integrator of advanced solutions in projects full of multidisciplinary expertise.

The progressive strengthening of collaboration led to the establishment of forging effective partnerships with leading operators on the technology market.


CustoM 2.0 derives from a merging project between two Group companies, CustoM, founded in 1988, and Xintesy, operating since 2008.

The complementary nature of the activities and the convergence of the contents, allow us to offer solutions of high technological level in a professional context marked by a multidisciplinary approach in computing and engineering. The presence in Custom 2.0 of skills able to cover a wide spectrum of application layers of an Information System using owned engines, allows us to realize General Purpose Systems of Data Managementat in every phase of its development, from planning to implementation up to the release and the managerial and developmental support.

The engineering approach of CustoM 2.0 is expressed in attention to the nature of the treated physical variables, creating conditions to share the language and the needs of the customer in a gradual process of customizing solutions. In a belief that, in a Company, time is a fundamental variable for the preservation of its own business, Custom 2.0 puts its attention to find Nearly Real-Time solutions enabling immediate analysis and actions.

New headquarter

From 1 August 2015 the custom 2.0 , with the aim to follow up the process of growth and greater structuring of the company, has completed the move of its headquarters from the Environment Park to the new headquarters of Strada del Portone in Grugliasco.

The new headquarters brings together all business functions, including Administrative, Accounting and Business area. In addition, the Advanced Manufacturing area have greater and easier assembly spaces.

The new office has been a further step to be able to handle internally and in its enirety those activities related to equipments, machines or devices. CustoM 2.0 has thus been able to expand and reinforce what is the primary business activity: System Integration.

The Registered office remain located in the historic settlement of Turin, in VIA GIUSEPPE POMBA 29.


Custom 2.0 is certified under the standard UNI EN ISO 900: 2015. The decision to adopt a quality system has its roots in the 90s, when comes the need to qualify the production process and to offer the customer certified and useful standards to consolidate and improve business processes.