CustoMzone means CustoM 2.0’s journal. Its goal is to share the company’s activities and purpose with our team.
In this issue, we talk about CustoM 2.0’s house, Electrification – Battery Pack Testing, CustoM 2.0’s Testing Facilities.

CustoMzone means CustoM 2.0’s journal and it is…

It is our magazine to share the company’s activities. In this issue, we talk about Custom Testing Cells, Legality Rating, Augmented Reality.
Hoping therefore to please, we wish you good reading!

CustoM 2.0’s house

La casa di CustoM 2.0During the month of May 2021, the CBM Srl, a company controlled by CustoM 2.0, obtained the property located in Strada del Portone 129 in Grugliasco, the operational headquarters of CustoM 2.0 since summer 2015.
The acquisition of the property is a fundamental step in the company’s business development strategy.
The progressive growth of systems production activities, the creation of test areas dedicated to Electrification, the choice to pursue Green policies, the need for adequate spaces to ensure safety is the main themes that inspired this decision.
The Confidence in the Future and the Determination to be protagonists did the rest!

Electrification – Battery Pack Testing

Electrification – Battery Pack Testing

The challenge of electrification of the automotive market continues to stimulate us to expand our portfolio of high-tech solutions. With the numerous experiences acquired on test benches for electric motors and inverters, in recent months Custom 2.0 continued its R&D work by increasing its skills in the development of test benches and end-of-line test stations for one of the most critical components of an electric vehicle: the battery pack.

The acquisition of orders by major players (Borgwarner, Eldor TK) rewards the large investment in expenses.

Also thanks to our increasingly numerous technological partners, we are able to tackle all issues relating to complete and complex test benches such as Battery Testing.

CustoM 2.0’s Testing Facilities

The first half of 2021 committed CustoM 2.0 to the creation of internal infrastructures dedicated to testing.
The expansion of the operational spaces of our headquarters in Grugliasco has in fact allowed us to equip two “test rooms” that will give us the opportunity to test our test systems in real conditions, as well as to provide a flexible and customizable testing facility on specific needs of our customers.

The test rooms were designed inside two containers, one of which capable of carrying out temperature tests, in order to obtain a fair compromise between capability and flexibility of the test stations.
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Data di pubblicazione: 01/07/2021