Since the beginning of 2009 CustoM 2.0, through experience gained on the issue of security papers, has developed a wide range of magnetic sensors. The areas of interest of this type of product are the following:

  • TICKETING FOR HIGHWAYS: in the field of tolls our heads are able to write and read all the information on highway toll tickets and give total coverage of the payment by magnetic cards (Viacard, Credit Cards, ATM)

  • TICKETING FOR PARKING: the growing diffusion of the covered car parks in historic and commercial centers of major cities, requires the magnetic reading and writing on the magnetic stripe tickets. Our heads carry out these operations by ensuring a low level of wear of the heads themselves.

  • TICKETING FOR TURNSTILES and PRESENCE CONTROL: also the public transport sector requires reading and writing of magnetic bonds to pay for the trip, while corporate and institutional companies are actually able to control in real time the presence of employees by magnetic badges.

For more information about the architecture of the system displays the PDF of the Product Data Sheet